Research Group for AI & Machine Learning in Medicine

at Yonsei University College of Medicine, Severance Hospital

Research Interests

We established Translational AI Laboratory (in Korean, 의료인공지능연구실) to quickly meet the clinical unmet needs using artificial intelligence technology and to improve the standard of care.

So far, the AI-based computer aided diagnosis (CAD) system has been able to detect the presence of a particular disease and locate a lesion for screening or diagnostic purposes. In the era of precision medicine, the ultimate goal is to provide optimized treatment for each individuals. Therefore, there is a need for an AI system that predicts and evaluates the prognosis of the treatment through integrated bio-medical data analysis.

Thus, our purpose of developing and utilizing AI systems in clinic is to find prognostic biomarkers that can be found through bio-medical data analysis.

In order to solve the problem in clinic, it is necessary to accelerate the R&D cycle for AI-based diagnostic system by utilizing the infrastructure, and to analyze the newly accumulated secondary data with the AI system on the pipeline. With the infrastructure, we will prospectively test the hypothesis of biomarkers found by AI systems and derive new medical knowledge.

To achieve this goal, TAILab is actively building collaborations with various basic science researchers and clinical researchers/physicians.